Who We Are?

TJ Dynamic offers a wide range of professional services in the Built Environment and the Construction Industry.
The Team strives to create more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient and attractive places for present and future generations. It is all about the organisation of human activity in a way that will help realise our hopes and dreams for the future.
Our mission is to serve humanity’s needs through the organisation of places and activities in ways that make cities and settlements more attractive and people-friendly. TJDynamic is concerned with the design, functioning and management of all elements in a town or urban environment, from the smallest settlement or town to the largest city.

The Practice's vision is to make it of fundamental importance to the development of South Africa and the region: to help shape the future. We will manage the cities and settlements growth in strategic and sustainable ways

What We Do?

  • Strategic Planning
  • Engineering Survey
  • Project Management
  • Development Planning
  • Urban Transport Planning
  • Environmental Management
  • Housing
  • Road Tar Surfaces / Earthworks
  • Brick Paving and tar paving
  • sustainable development
  • land use management and spatial planning

Welcome to TJ Dynamic!

TJ Dynamic Development Practices. We are a team of qualified professionals with extensive knowledge in the Land survey, Mining survey and Construction survey fields.